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Diagonally Daily Recap for 5 January (Monday)

Moody Vs. Dolohov

OR How to Get By With One

Missing pigwarts??
Don't forget that Pigwarts is FRIENDS ONLY now! Be sure to sign in!</a>!

Lovegood collects Omens and Davies inquires after her collection.

Moody's been busy. Owl to the Order.

Dolohov is mono- Well. Read the Chat.

Peeves got Sprout.

Percy considers muggle device and attempts to convince Marcus to wear ties.

Snape reaches a breaking point but VectorMrs Snape's there to comfort him.

Vector sends greetings from Hawaii and curses the Dark Lord a lot.

Davies takes Snape's advice.

Davis has parent troubles.

Girls! Davies isn't certain what to do about the one he'd like to be with...

McGonagall bought a broom.

Flint misses his.

Hawaii is warm and full of Muggles? Come on Severus, we know you have more to say than that.

Longbottom worries so about Potions he's ready to go back to classes a week early.

Kittens Made Fresh Daily. By Crookshanks!

Flint ponders whether or not it's all right for Wood to keep something live.
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