Professor Severus M. Snape (potionprofessor) wrote in thedownlow,
Professor Severus M. Snape

Diagonally Daily Recap for 9 & 10 January

From Bad to Worse

OR A Study in How Not to Fight a War.

Missing pigwarts??

Lovegood has a talk with her Father. Suspicions have been aroused.

Snape makes plans for the evening. And Vector makes plans for the afternoon. Of course, whether or not he'll get to follow through on those plans...

Weasley is SO BLEEDING BORED. So bored in fact that he discourses with a cat and a Hufflepuff.

Moody contemplates Marriage. And a Howler. Yes. That is the way to make a woman change her mind.

Plans get interrupted. I think Roderick needs less than one bollock.

Bones wouldn't know though.

Snape can't find something valuable so who else would he go to? Dumbledore calls together the Order and the hunt begins.

Although Trelawney remains blissfully unaware.

As do most of the students.

When it rains it pours.

At the Tornados Pitch.

Percy reflects in the aftermath. And all he really wants is Marcus.

Banks is dead, so Moody moves to the next Order of business.

Roger visits Snape after dinner.

Snape feels lost.

Wood and Johnson wake in the middle of the night.

Lupin joins the search for Raelyn. And Snape's actually going to be thankful for the Marauder's Map, who would have EVER guessed it?

Pomona reflects on age and battles.

Smith gets an owl from his cousin.

Peeves is irritated.

Abbott's had the flu.

Hooch reflects on Christmas and of course is annoyed at Sibyll.

Smith and Davies have lunch.

Voldie gets pissed off. I believe all the Death Eaters should watch out. And Snape says hands off Davies as he wishes to personally dismember him. And of course after that he'll come for you.

Bella is pissed off. A lot of that seems to be going around Death Eater circles.

Moody can't sleep. So he and Remus take a visit to the Room of Requirement.

McGonagall says things have got to stop of course will they?

Raelyn wakes up and returns to Hogwarts.

Granger is glad Vector is back. She suspects Nott of activity and has accepted Davies proposal.

Of course why suspect when it can be proven.

Vetor is glad to be back.

Tonks is relieved the day can end.

Hello one and all! I did these entries, so far as I could, by order of events unfolding. Which is why, they are somewhat different order than how they may show on your friends list. As I was doing them out of order, I may have missed someones. If I DID, let me know, I will rectify the situation immediately.
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