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Diagonally In-A-Glance

No Arithmancy Today!
OR The students are dreadfully sorry Professor Vector is under the weather. Really.

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Snapes tries to get his wife into bed. She goes, but doesn't wake up feeling so well. And classes are cancelled!

Meanwhile, Greengrass turns 16. And look! Other students CARE. Mulciber, however, is in a bad mood, and really doesn't care about anyone.. At all! Daphne gets a birthday gift from George Weasley. Say what?

Snape and Vector make us all cry with the (lack of) baby talk. *shakes a fist in the air!* Padma's overslept but made it to class in time. Marcus and Percy (PERCY, NOT FLINT, DAWN!) have a lovely date. Aww. *cuddles them*

Time for a bit of flashback as Harry and Hermione talk about death and Death Eaters on the way to Hogsmeade.

In current news, Hooch doesn't like the state of the school brooms. Not one bit. Vicky gets scolded by Hermione for causing such a ruckus. And makes Vicky apologize. Daphne has a bit of birthday thoughts. Suits of armor aren't Neville's forte. That Slytherin boy Montague finds out that he's not as evil as he'd like to think, despite his attempts. In fact, as a RESULT of his attempts. Luna humoured Professor Sinistra's attempts to show her that space does exist. Montague hates his House mates and himself, apparently.

Katie's boyfriend is a MURDERER, but she's okay with that. And finally, Roger confuses Padma when she drops the subject of his father's murder. Not to mention, there's sexual innuendo? Wait. Is the world coming to an end? They both seem to think so.
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