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Diagonally In-A-Glance

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[20 Mar 2004|03:06am]
Ah, Young Love
OR Is This What They Call Foreshadowing?

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OR If you don't LOG IN, you're in trouble. I AM NOT BLOODY KIDDING!

Seamus is psyched about Hogsmeade weekend.

Parvati and Montague have their first kiss.


Hufflepuff is getting ready for the game AND Megan's surprise party.

Sirius wants to know when the next meeting is. And when he can snog Hestia again. Hestia has an anxiety attack at the Leaky Cauldron.

Ginny has second thoughts about giving Parvati the Ravenclaw robes. Hermione's suspicious. Both of them confront Parvati.

On the other hand, Gryffindor is psyching itself up for a win.

Did you know Bill Weasley got drunk the other night? HEE.

Hannah's got another one of those journaly things.

Roger gives Padma the rest of her birthday present. He gushes. She gushes.

Flint HATES being wrong.
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[16 Mar 2004|03:12am]
OR What ELSE Can Go Wrong in the World?

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OR If you don't LOG IN, you're in trouble.

You may now begin your Parvati worship.

Flint & Wood sitting in a tree, D-R-I-N-K-I-N-G. Apparently, it's Wood's new all time low.

Seamus has been busy.

The beginning of a new week for Professor Vector-Snape, with Bill Weasley taking up some of her classes.

Zach is feeling much better.

Moody's gone to pay a visit to Dumbledore in the wake of Snape's comments.

Crookshanks is baffled that some cats consider themselves faculty.

Love in the air for Pisces, especially those with birthdays today.

Snape warns students to Beware the Ides of March.

Zachy-poo is pissed that he didn't get higher marks on his Potions essay.

Professor Sprout cannot reach the roses.

Ron's journal is a Rusky?

Justin hates this school.

Daphne's having another good day.

Ginny's not allowed to hold Dean's hand.

The Nerd Trio gather for a lesson, with unpleasant outcomes.

Luna got stuck! TO THE EARTH.

Mandy ponders psychology.

Padma is just confused and scared. Happy birthday. Whee.
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[11 Mar 2004|02:43am]
My Brain Is Mush
OR Vati Made My Brain Fall Out!

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Padma warns Parvati about Mulciber, but she doesn't take it very seriously (she's rather talk about why Roger tolerates her when she looks so tired.)

Daphne is perturbed at Hufflepuffs.

Mulciber's nightmares have slooooooweeed down. Pity. I'll bet Fleur starts HAVING them.

Muggles baffle Percy.

Bill Weasley is going to help Rae out with her teaching. He voices some concerns. So does Ginny.

Flint lied. No way. You're kidding?

Moody mulls Death Eater contact inside the school. Then decides to bash Zach's head in. Well, not physically anyway. Zach is still having a hard time with Cedric's shadow.

Everything's incredible for Oliver. Then again, maybe not.

Natalie gets lost.

SOMEONE is ignoring Angelina, and it's NOT Oliver.

Snape is extremely uncertain, though Charlie's dislike for him is NOT one of them.

Potter's caught Hermione's bookishness. Someone help!

Bones is disappointed in herself.

Ah, the joys of impending motherhood.

Parvati's brain is gonna fall out. Vicky just keeps falling asleep.

Bill and Emmeline run into each other on campus.

Luna wants to drive the Knight Bus.
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[10 Mar 2004|03:31am]
It's Tuesday. Do You Know Where Your Students Are?
OR Do ya? Do ya? DO YA?

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Padma has a nightmare. Does it MEAN anything though? Better yet, does anyone care?

Montague's torn up newspapers, and well.. he keeps getting the twin girls confused. Hmm. His torn papers become the subject of a conversation with Davies.

Spinnet's not pink anymore! Hurrah!

It's not so bad being Davies. Even if you DO get hit with a bludger. Unless, you know, your mum owls you in the middle of the night.

Biscuits and bait for Draco & Cho. Cho posts pictures and returns Madam Hooch's ring.

Behold the magic that is the Weasley twins new invention!

Ginny might be a bit jealous of Cho, but she helps Dean out nonetheless.

Meg's birthday is coming up soon, and Kevin doesn't know what to get her.

And finally, Frobisher gets ink all of herself and asks Luna for help.
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[09 Mar 2004|01:46am]
Twins Just Wanna Have Fun.
OR I'm a Twin. You're a Twin. Wouldn't You Like to Be a Twin?

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The twins - that is the Weasley twins - have a spot of fun! But I think George has a bit more fun that Fred. The world's coming to an end since Mulciber is happy... Lisa checks in with her take on the game. Someone needs to wash Ron's mouth out with soap. Daphne is happy, happy, happy! Wood is really glad that the Tornados have been disqualified! Er, Zach? Not so much. Angelina think Adrian's a wanker. Hooch's found her cat, her ring, and her Flying Club. He's really Nott an ass. Sinistra's got full moon blues. Luna gets scolded. Again. And Montague is looking for Padma, but finds Parvati instead.
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[08 Mar 2004|03:05am]
What's That Do?
OR Frobisher is squawking like a chicken!

Don't forget to sign in for your pigwarts updates!

Dude, watch out for Mrs. Norris. She wants to get the Nasties, preccioussss. Montague's got a lovely research project going. Something happened to Alicia's compooter. Vicky.. babbles.. a lot.

There's some weird candies on the table. I wonder who left them, hmmm? Fred's mad at George for giving Daphne the candies for free. Alicia is ticked that her face is pink! Daphne does go to lengths to warn a few people about them. Hermione warns EVERYONE about them.

Guess what? EXAMS NEXT WEEK. Daphne doesn't like it and plots to cheat. Potions was never Davis's strong point. Sally-Ann doesn't understand what everyone has against exams. Zabini is prepared and proud of it!

Professor Lupin had a bad night without his wolfsbane: please send help. Snape to the rescue! Tonks is worried about him.

Rubeus Hagrid and the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Oh Ginny. Oh Dean. Wait, wait.. Billy and Emmeline actually have another date! Daphne and Pansy gossip in the Slytherin common room.

Hagrid gets his notice from Dumbledore to return for an Order meeting. Oddly, the discuss Fleur going to Hollywood. Er, Mulciber's. Rae's a bit nervous about it, actually, but then speaks with Dumbledore one on one.

George and Daphne flirt a bit, and Davis is grossed out. Daphne gushes to Padma about it.

Padma finds out she's allergic to doxies when she visits Professor Weasley, who really wants out on the Quidditch pitch.

Vicky does detention with Snape. Luna updates with the most boring entry ever. Natalie is sitting in the Great Hall. There's nothing better than a good insult from Draco.

Roger's mum is dabbling in the Dark Arts, much to his dismay. Big Brother is watching Ginny. Parvati gives out free horoscopes to all! And Snape gives out random points. He must be in a good mood.

Zach is certain that Hufflepuff with win the Sunday match. Susan is pretty sure they're gonna win. Pansy wishes both teams luck. Luna even thought Hufflepuff should have won. Sam isn't gonna hold out - just cause she's making out with Hufflepuff beater, Stebbins. Alas, all the Hufflepuff morale was in vain, as Ravenclaw beat them 170 to 20. More congrats are all around. Kevin is upset about the match. Roger's head? Meet Stebbin's bludger! Padma is waiting in the hallways to see him and runs into Montague.
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[05 Mar 2004|02:58am]
No Arithmancy Today!
OR The students are dreadfully sorry Professor Vector is under the weather. Really.

Don't forget to sign in for your pigwarts updates!

Snapes tries to get his wife into bed. She goes, but doesn't wake up feeling so well. And classes are cancelled!

Meanwhile, Greengrass turns 16. And look! Other students CARE. Mulciber, however, is in a bad mood, and really doesn't care about anyone.. At all! Daphne gets a birthday gift from George Weasley. Say what?

Snape and Vector make us all cry with the (lack of) baby talk. *shakes a fist in the air!* Padma's overslept but made it to class in time. Marcus and Percy (PERCY, NOT FLINT, DAWN!) have a lovely date. Aww. *cuddles them*

Time for a bit of flashback as Harry and Hermione talk about death and Death Eaters on the way to Hogsmeade.

In current news, Hooch doesn't like the state of the school brooms. Not one bit. Vicky gets scolded by Hermione for causing such a ruckus. And makes Vicky apologize. Daphne has a bit of birthday thoughts. Suits of armor aren't Neville's forte. That Slytherin boy Montague finds out that he's not as evil as he'd like to think, despite his attempts. In fact, as a RESULT of his attempts. Luna humoured Professor Sinistra's attempts to show her that space does exist. Montague hates his House mates and himself, apparently.

Katie's boyfriend is a MURDERER, but she's okay with that. And finally, Roger confuses Padma when she drops the subject of his father's murder. Not to mention, there's sexual innuendo? Wait. Is the world coming to an end? They both seem to think so.
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[04 Mar 2004|12:56am]
Humpday At Hogwarts
OR Wow, You Kids Sure Write A Lot!

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Snape worries about his wife and really needs to see Davies. Maybe it's a cause and effect thing?

Weasley's still got dating woes.

Mulciber wants to know why he can't get a hold of a Werewolf Registry List. And then hopes Padma had a lovely sleep. Aww, he's so sweet.

Oliver Wood wonders about Death Eaters. And then Quidditch.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Weasley.

Miss Delacour fumes about MEN.

Percy wonders what to write in his journal.

Susan checks in!

Emmeline adds more woes to Weasley.

Seamus is tired.

Oooh. S Fawcett caught once again! This time by Sinistra.

Crookshanks isn't speaking to Hermione.

The Attack of Vicky Frobisher in Luna's journal. Oops. She got detention with Snape. Luna and Padma sneak out for Hot Chocolate.

Fawcett makes another rhyming joke to her boyfriend. YES, BOYFRIEND! Even though SHE denies it.

Padma is certain Mulciber's going to get her.

Sinistra always feels better with new robes.

Vector-Snape is really, really tired.

Turpin thinks Death Eater babies are ugly.

Mulciber attacks Muggle! News at 11!

Bill gives up again and again. Featured parts by Marcus and Flint.

Moody is moody. *snort*


Padma and Sam make up after their row last night, but it leaves Padma a bit suspicious.

Anyone in need of a study buddy? Justin really needs one.

Snape FINALLY talks to Roger.

Mulciber's got nightmares. (Serves the bastard right!)

Pucey wants a Patent.

Hagrid Sighted in Paris!

Justin, seriously. Don't study with Potter.

Natalie and Kevin both talk about an anonymous letter to Natalie.


Montague checks in.

"MERLIN'S BEARD! I'M MEETING THE OLIVER WOOD!" Ginny makes good on her promise to Vicky.
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Hogsmeade Weekend Update - They won't ALL be this long! [02 Mar 2004|01:19am]
Hogsmeade A Gogo
OR We couldn't think of anything clever enough for the reopening of Hogsmeade

Don't forget to sign in!!</i></b></a>!

Professor Snape dresses like Professor Snape. Go figure!

And all the students react accordingly. Even Harry.

Professor Weasley ponders his sibling's relationships.

Snape wants his wife's pussy back.

Luna's got a visitor.

After his disasterous firewood incident, Hagrid muggles it.

Rae muses about Hogsmeade.

Oh dear. Professor Weasley isn't sure about this teaching thing.

Bill's nervous about one none blonde.

Wood hates Flint. Big surprise.

Lord Thingy is not very nice.

Devil's Baby Anyone? Ah, well, you're stuck with it Bella and Antonin.

Snape still wants the cat, you pervs.

Crookshanks has Binx.

When Harry met Hogsmeade.

Moody comforts Hermione after her journal is raided by a Death Eater. Ron takes an interest as well. Then she muses about Hogsmeade.

Justin doesn't want to study no more!

FINALLY! The cat comes back.

Baby talk with Professors Snape and Snape.

Mulciber prepares for a baby.

Padma enjoys a lovely day in Hogsmeade with Roger, glad that Mulciber didn't show. Oops. Spoke too soon.

Lupin goes on a Points Spree. Wow, getting married really agreed with him!

There's a boggart in Tonk's wardrobe.

Bill and Emmeline try their hand at a date. With an unexpected visitor.

Hagrid on Holiday! Coming Soon to a Theatre near you!

Hooch declares war on whoever messed up the locker rooms. Then announces a Flying Club! You have till Friday to sign up. And Zach really want his team to.

Flint decides to get a new broomstick. [Insert broomstick joke here]

Natalie and Kevin spend Hogsmeade together.

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny!

Luna goes to Hogsmeade.

The Lupins are back from their honeymoon.

The Return of Pansy!

Sam doesn't want anyone - especially Stebbins, Peter Hufflepuff Beater - to know what her boggart was.

Snape worries about Roger, in private, of course. And in public. What the bloody...

Is it.. Possible that Hermione and Ron aren't fighting?

Happy Birthday, Weasley!

Not tonight, dear, Sprout's got a headache.

Hooch is satisfied with the job the players did in the locker room.

Hagrid's been sighted in London!

Professor Weasley's still trying to get the hang of this teaching thing.

And Rae's got the teaching thing down, but someone really needs to comfort her. *eyes Snape*
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 31 January [02 Feb 2004|08:32pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Pink haired Beauties of the World Unite!
OR How to make the best of a bad situation.

You know what I'm putting here right? Don't forget to sign in!!</i></b></a>!

Patil wishes to know about Death Eaters.

Professor Vector wants to do more.

Snape goes to tie up a loose end.

Persistent isn't she? Patil goes to bug Professor McGonagall.

Lupin has the most beautiful fiancee in the entire world.

Moody is determined.

McGonagall is suspicious.

Granger requests career advice</a>.

Snape gets his arse kicked.

Granger isn't sorry Mr Davies is dead.

Bella attempts to draft an owl.

Spinnet had detention. Not a whole barrel of fun...

Nott and Longbottom run into each other.

Awww. Do forget about it Tonks, and give Remus a kiss for me! ;)
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 30 January [31 Jan 2004|11:38am]

I don't need your Pity
OR We're dismally sorry. We really are.

House elf eye masques!
Guaranteed to cause sweet dreams!</i></b></a>!

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! An actresses life for Weasley.

Don't say mean things about someone they (or their parents) might end up dead and then you would really feel bad.

Snape recommends wormswood and asphodel, in small but effective doses.

A little more excitement than hoped for, Turpin?

Inquiries after Wood, what are friends for?

Bones will be reading.

Failure is not on the day plan.

Mrs Snape comes to grip with her husbands actions.

So should we tell her it wasn't Moody? Nah. The angst is more fun.

Awww... Sweet Crookshanks.

Spinnet misses Hogsmeade, and feels bad for feeling bad.

Fleur feels snubbed, she's half-Veela! Won't someone answer her?
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Diagonally Daily update for 29 January [30 Jan 2004|02:11am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ministry Worker Found Dead
OR How to poor on the angst so thick that it slows everything down more than molasses.

Missing pigwarts??

Patil worries over Death Eaters.

An Auror is no proper husband. Really, Minerva?

Bellatrix lets off some four lettered steam.

Lovegood and Patil have a good chat.

Turpin keeps falling asleep.

Mulciber is distraught.

Davies gets an early morning surprise.

Vector is surprised as well while Snape simply tries to make it through the day.

Weasley gets a question or two or three or four...

Parkinson and Greengrass meet up for a bit.

Padma needs to find Davies.

The youngest Weasley wonders why on earth Death Eaters have journals. It can't be because they want to get in touch with their inner Muggle, surely.

Moody wonders who did it. The new mystery paperback from Wizarding Wheezes.

More Morning surprises.

Some men bet on horses. Others on other men's wives.

Mrs Snape wonders where her husband is.

Johnson points out life beyond Quidditch.

Wood is questioned again.

Parkinson is worried about isolation.

Patil finally finds Davies.

Potter comforts Granger. What are friends for?

Fleur would like to know about the secret society.

Johnson gets called in for questioning.

Arana's pet is upset.

McGonagall thinks it was Moody.

Dumbledore is fairly certain it was Snape.

Raelyn knows it was Snape.
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Recap for Wed, Jan 13 [18 Jan 2004|02:17pm]

The Want Ads
OR Voldy wants to seduce you.

Missing pigwarts??

I know about all you Harry Potters people, all sleeping in each other's beds.

Potter went Crazy.

Moody wishes to lock Minerva up. Kinky? Perhaps.

Moody is a Ferret. Who's behind all this?

Ferret to Lupin. Is he gloating? Probably.

Moody needs a REALLY, REALLY DANGEROUS and VIOLENT mission.

Binx is confused.

Wood doesn't want to be an auror.

Lord Thingy sends his regards to Professor Snape. Both of them.

Flint makes the team. He's so excited, he makes spaghetti.

Davies has a girlfriend.

Crookshanks needs tuna. And to make kittens.

Tonks hates those who are bollockless.

Percy sends letters, when he's not too busy.
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Recap for Tuesday, Jan 12th [18 Jan 2004|01:46pm]

Missing pigwarts??

What's wrong with Percy?

Alastor would glady risk rape by Giant Squid...or "She loves me, but we love angst more."

Lupin's in the Hospital Wing, but it's not even a Full Moon! *whines*

Antonin's a eunich...and he wants Percy?

The Hooch doesn't really love Filius. Really.

Alicia renames the days of the week.

Vector's disappeared...into a vector?

Lina insists that Everything's fine...especially that chaser from Porgee.

Wood doesn't have to play Quidditch in his nuddy pants anymore.

You are all idiots OR Snape is mad because no one did homework.

Homework for Dunderheads. (Don't miss the OOC note)
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 11 January (Sunday) [14 Jan 2004|09:47pm]

The aftermath of everything

OR How to sleep through Quidditch practices, have nightmares, and become addicted to sleeping potions.

Missing pigwarts??

Perks is frustrated at the inadequacies of the Library's collection.

Flint and Weasley receive an Owl.

Dolohov continues being mouthy and stupid.

Vector has a nightmare and Snape suggests that she leaves the castle for a while.

Tonks and Moody blast apart random shrubbery

Dolohov, Moody, Lupin = yum.

McGonagall receives an Owl of her own.

Malfoy wonders that any Death Eater is alive and Severus quite agrees.

Snape worries over Vector's nightmares.

Davis needs amusement. Please, someone, provide.

Wood is glad everyone is safe. In fact, he's so glad that he misses practice much to Flint's delight.

Weasley works late

Whitby is very glad his brother is gone!

Johnson's world came tumbling down.

MacNair has an assignment. All beasts everywhere beware.

Then Tonks visits McGonagall & Moody in McGonagall's quarters

Feminist Witches. Snape will run for cover now.

McGonagall prepares for classes with a twist.
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 9 & 10 January [10 Jan 2004|08:41pm]

From Bad to Worse

OR A Study in How Not to Fight a War.

Missing pigwarts??

Lovegood has a talk with her Father. Suspicions have been aroused.

Snape makes plans for the evening. And Vector makes plans for the afternoon. Of course, whether or not he'll get to follow through on those plans...

Weasley is SO BLEEDING BORED. So bored in fact that he discourses with a cat and a Hufflepuff.

Moody contemplates Marriage. And a Howler. Yes. That is the way to make a woman change her mind.

Plans get interrupted. I think Roderick needs less than one bollock.

Bones wouldn't know though.

Snape can't find something valuable so who else would he go to? Dumbledore calls together the Order and the hunt begins.

Although Trelawney remains blissfully unaware.

As do most of the students.

When it rains it pours.

At the Tornados Pitch.

Percy reflects in the aftermath. And all he really wants is Marcus.

Banks is dead, so Moody moves to the next Order of business.

Roger visits Snape after dinner.

Snape feels lost.

Wood and Johnson wake in the middle of the night.

Lupin joins the search for Raelyn. And Snape's actually going to be thankful for the Marauder's Map, who would have EVER guessed it?

Pomona reflects on age and battles.

Smith gets an owl from his cousin.

Peeves is irritated.

Abbott's had the flu.

Hooch reflects on Christmas and of course is annoyed at Sibyll.

Smith and Davies have lunch.

Voldie gets pissed off. I believe all the Death Eaters should watch out. And Snape says hands off Davies as he wishes to personally dismember him. And of course after that he'll come for you.

Bella is pissed off. A lot of that seems to be going around Death Eater circles.

Moody can't sleep. So he and Remus take a visit to the Room of Requirement.

McGonagall says things have got to stop of course will they?

Raelyn wakes up and returns to Hogwarts.

Granger is glad Vector is back. She suspects Nott of activity and has accepted Davies proposal.

Of course why suspect when it can be proven.

Vetor is glad to be back.

Tonks is relieved the day can end.

ExplanationCollapse )
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 8 January (Thursday) [10 Jan 2004|06:05pm]

Cat in the Hat

OR The cat strikes back.

Missing pigwarts??

Snape and Raelyn get presents! The McKellen's drop by the castle to deliver in person.

Hiiissssssssss. Or Lovegood speaks cat.

Oh Romeo Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo.

Cat talks back.

Smith's years at Hogwarts.

Johnson did have an enjoyable new years. All statements by Wood should be disregarded.

Can a cat be 'bitchy'?

McGonagall's had a bit too much to drink.

Nott and Voldemort finalize some plans.

Tonks speaks with Mr Lovegood regarding 'A.' Methinks 'A' should be careful... He might lose another bollock.
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 7 January (Wednesday) [09 Jan 2004|02:54pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

But why is the Rum gone!?

OR Because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into vile scoundrels.

Missing pigwarts??

Pucey returns to Hogwarts.

Somebody please take away the Firewhiskey. Before Marcus really embarrasses himself.

Snape and Vector return to Hogwarts. It is much chillier here.

Somebody does take away the Firewhiskey. Not that somebody else likes that very much.

Somebody please contain Wood.

Return of the Giant Squid. May I hear Three Hoorahs!?

Minerva brings a bit of Brandy with her which leads to much conversing.

Trelawney makes a prediction. Landa thinks Sibyll's off her rocker.

Sprout returns from London.

Tonks feels rather awake.
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Diagonally Daily Recap for 6 January (Tuesday) [09 Jan 2004|02:03am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Lovegood enjoys her holidays.

Snape catches up with Percy after the Order meeting. Some discussion takes place of Order issues, and Snape makes a request.

Davies questions why only one. Moody and Severus agree on something.

Wood and Bell make good use of their time off.

Granger considers Roger's proposal. No. Not that kind.

Trelawney has another blackout.

Tonks makes a decision. It is time to speak to the parents.

Wood celebrates the ALMOST here Quidditch season.

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Diagonally Daily Recap for 5 January (Monday) [08 Jan 2004|08:17pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Moody Vs. Dolohov

OR How to Get By With One

Missing pigwarts??
Don't forget that Pigwarts is FRIENDS ONLY now! Be sure to sign in!</a>!

Lovegood collects Omens and Davies inquires after her collection.

Moody's been busy. Owl to the Order.

Dolohov is mono- Well. Read the Chat.

Peeves got Sprout.

Percy considers muggle device and attempts to convince Marcus to wear ties.

Snape reaches a breaking point but VectorMrs Snape's there to comfort him.

Vector sends greetings from Hawaii and curses the Dark Lord a lot.

Davies takes Snape's advice.

Davis has parent troubles.

Girls! Davies isn't certain what to do about the one he'd like to be with...

McGonagall bought a broom.

Flint misses his.

Hawaii is warm and full of Muggles? Come on Severus, we know you have more to say than that.

Longbottom worries so about Potions he's ready to go back to classes a week early.

Kittens Made Fresh Daily. By Crookshanks!

Flint ponders whether or not it's all right for Wood to keep something live.
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